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Canadian officials said Ottawa is “very satisfied” with the level of cooperation of Cuban authorities in the investigation of the injuries. However, the Cuban ambassador to Canada, Josefina Vidal, protested Wednesday on the decision of the Canadian government. In a statement, he said that although Cuba understands Ottawa’s need to protect its diplomatic staff, “it considers the Canadian… Read More »

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When they traveled to Caracas, the three Efe journalists took a plane ticket to return to Bogotá on February 7. After ruling out a car bomb attack similar to that of two years ago in a market Thanks to the limited number of victims that this method allows, they had already carried out tests with 250 grams of… Read More »

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Nicolás Maduro’s regime tried to justify the incidents by appealing for irregularities of registration. Three Iraqis were arrested early yesterday in a flat in Elpersbüttel, a town of 800 inhabitants in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany. In a coordinated operation of special police units of several Bundesländer, five buildings were registered and taken to police station Shahin F. and Hersh… Read More »

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The detainees are the Colombian photographer Leonardo Printable Letter D, the Colombian journalist Maurén Barriga Vargas and the Spanish Gonzalo Domínguez Loeda, as well as the Venezuelan driver José Salas. The three journalists are part of a team that traveled from Bogotá to cover the crisis in Venezuela. The Spanish government has rejected this Thursday “energetically” the arrest… Read More »

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During a demonstration, dozens of Venezuelans opposed to the Maduro regime burned the bust, which looks faded hours later and with traces of ash. The violence, however, went further and the dawn was closed with at least four deaths in the clashes between supporters of the opposition and loyal to the regime. The protests have continued throughout the… Read More »

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Provisional arrest and indictment for crimes of a certain severity, opens a new potentially scandalous “front”. Benalla was able to manufacture diplomatic passports using false documents, “manufactured” in the most secret offices of the Elysee. Detail that gives a vague idea of ​​the stormy stories that can happen in the official residence of the head of the State.… Read More »

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In his acceptance speech, on March 18, 2015, he already pointed to a change of direction, being convinced that “the time of a discursive, bureaucratic OAS, away from the concerns of the American people, anchored in the paradigms of the past, is definitely giving way to a 21st century OAS ». Printable Dice proposed “a political dialogue with tangible… Read More »

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Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has reacted to this new tragedy by reaffirming his policy of “closed ports”: “Others killed near Libya. As long as the European ports remain open, as long as someone continues to help the human traffickers, unfortunately they will continue to do their business and cause the death of immigrants. ” Salvini has been replicated… Read More »

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On Monday afternoon, Macron received the leaders of more than 150 large international companies in the Palace of Versailles, a former royal residence, to try to convince them to invest in France, despite the crisis of the yellow vests. The president thinks that the Brexit can be an “opportunity” for France, if some big multinationals get convinced of… Read More »

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The aforementioned chain has indicated that the authorship of the attack has been claimed by the Taliban, who have assured that a group of militiamen have assaulted the base, in which there would be about 150 people. Mangal has asserted that at least three attackers would have died as part of the assault on the base. On Sunday,… Read More »