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Printable Letter Y

Be that as it may, the winners will not be affected when it comes to requesting scholarships, assistance benefits or other public aids that depend on income and not on heritage, since the amount of the prize is not included in the general income tax base, nor in the savings. However, the technicians remember that it must be… Read More »

Printable Letter X

The personal and family minimums correspond to the amount of the taxable base that is not taxed by the IRPF. Currently, and by way of summary, the personal minimum -which includes 5,550 euros- is added 2,400 euros for the first descendant, 2,700 euros for the second, Printable Letter X 4,000 euros for the third and 4,500 euros for the… Read More »

Printable Letter W

To request the draft of the Income Statement 2018-2019, the taxpayer can already be identified by reference on the website. Thus, it can be done with a reference of the Income 2018 that was previously obtained (“I already have reference”), a reference of the previous year (“I already have reference of the previous exercise”) or with a new… Read More »

Printable Letter V

“The rest is ‘fake news’ and Spain is fed up with lying governments. That does not lie more to hide his inability to revalue pensions, “stressed the leader of the PP, who pointed out that the” recipe “of his party” is not lie and say what we have done “in front of executives. One out of every four… Read More »

Printable Letter U

Trump’s tariff war sinks the growth of world trade. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has reported that in 2018 trade grew by 2.9%, below the estimates of the institution in the preceding months. This is 1.7 percentage points less than in 2017, a record year in a five-year period. The main reason for this decline in the rise… Read More »

Printable Letter T

Sources of Citizens have advanced that they will request the processing as a bill and will fight so that single parent families can enjoy all the weeks of leave, that is, a total of 32, adding the 16 that correspond to each parent. In addition, the orange formation recovers and improves an old proposal and will ask to… Read More »

Printable Letter S

“It is stated that, if there is an increase in value, the fee payable is higher than the real increase experienced by the sale of the land, so the taxpayer sees how this (the increase) is Printable Letter S expropriated “, which could have a confiscatory nature », resolves the Court. This would violate article 31 of the Spanish… Read More »

Printable Letter Q

There are episodes of her stay in the concentration camps that Annette has trouble telling. As when he remembers that among his tasks was sometimes to remove corpses from the barracks. “At the bottom when you were going to pick them up you saw how the rats -she shows with both hands their enormous size- they tried to… Read More »

Printable Letter P

One day one of the camp guards asked who wanted to work, and Annette did not think about it: “I want to work,” she said. Although her captive companions feared for what might happen to her. «To die we are going to die, I thought. When the airplanes passed, we shouted: kill us, throw bombs ». From that… Read More »

Printable Letter O

Cabelli is a living testimony of the barbarism of the human being towards another human being. He has it tattooed on his skin, on his left wrist, where he can read the number 4065. And he blames it “on religion”, without pointing to any in particular. She suffered when she was only 17 years old, when she was… Read More »