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May 2019 Calendar

The residents of Juga 2, after leaving the scaffolding masters, used to re-use the façade to rest on the scaffolds, though it was very dangerous and of course banned. May 2019 Calendar Printable And that is not all because they did not use the laundry in the absence of a balcony? Čepinian painter Branko Jalovičar set up his new… Read More »

June 2019 Calendar

One appliance activated at the entrance to the yellow settlement’s over-the-post parking lot, and the other five were emptied on a small-field playground just beside the cemetery. The asphalt on the playground was completely covered with white powder, so in the morning it looked like a kind of art installation. If something is wrong, first they noticed the… Read More »

February 2019 Calendar

The crux of the logistics of online shopping lies in the “last mile”, users want to purchase the product in one click and also receive it as soon as possible at home. The last company to assimilate that the distribution of packages is one of the most important business of the 21st century has been Glovo. The February 2019… Read More »

March 2019 Calendar

This Friday, the newspapers highlighted a reserved meeting held on Wednesday by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, in the Quirinal Palace. With the risk premium in the clouds, in the vicinity of 300 points, Draghi wanted to personally express to Mattarella his concern for the… Read More »

April 2019 Calendar

An incitement was triggered by an anti-criminal who at one time found himself on the floor, so it seemed as if he was dumb but the protest was soon resumed. was expanded on Friday with more than 20 new points, and in the first reading he found a package of comprehensive retirement reform laws. This is a package… Read More »

July 2019 Calendar

The business of the former owner and the current mentor, according to the former owner and the current mentor, went to the safe hand of young Dina, who intends to follow up with world trends and modernization, and soon expand its business. ” July 2019 Calendar Template I plan to modernize this pastry shop, to which I nicknamed the… Read More »

January 2019 Calendar

The state and extent of the consequences mentioned above is to be analyzed analytically and financially. Therefore, we suggest that in accordance with Article 31 of the Statute of the City of Osijek, the City Council establishes a special working body – the Commission for the establishment of facts on issues of public interest concerning the legality of… Read More »

December 2019 Calendar

An integral part of the measures taken by the police is the checking of the identity of passengers who arrive in Bihać by rail. In the regular train, which arrived somewhere after midnight on Wednesday in Bihac, there were 99 illegal migrants. December 2019 Calendar Printable The cops did not allow them to leave the wagon, and they asked… Read More »

November 2019 Calendar

She believes that in this procedure the trial will be crucial, that Todorić will present his defense and that there will be no witness in the tender, because everything expert witnesses in the area. “Witnesses will hardly testify about these things, this is impossible for me,” she concluded. November 2019 Calendar Printable The Una-Sana Canton Police in Bosnia and… Read More »

October 2019 Calendar

The data that is given on the growth is considered little credible: the GDP of 2019 will grow 1.5%, when the current trend is less than 1%; for the following year, 1.6% is foreseen; and in 2021 it would reach 1.4% .Distributive of Brussels The European Union distrusts of these figures and, although it is wanted to avoid… Read More »