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There are national, regional and local levels. If we focus on public investment, competition of the autonomous communities, we see that Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia are the ones with the most deficit of priority infrastructures. In the investment needs identified, the communities and the State are almost equally distributed. Of success, but that recognition must be based on… Read More »

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Indeed, Spain presents a series of singularities. We are the third largest consumer of water in Europe, due to the weight of the agricultural sector. The one with the highest “water stress” index in the major European countries and the only one incapable of reducing it. The area under “water stress” is one in which the water demand… Read More »

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From the employers who preside Blank May 2019 calendar– constant messages are sent to alert of the need that the country has to define the priorities in infrastructures. “Infrastructures are a matter of State, they are above political issues,” he stresses. It is necessary to focus on the social benefit they produce and analyze the long-term investment, with… Read More »

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For the creative director of the brand, Juan Suarez, the most traditional of the Suarez Group, is making a kind of jewelry “that nobody has dared to do”. The creation of Aristocrazy in 2010, in the middle of a crisis, has meant the words of its creative director «an innovative and disruptive contribution» for the whole company, «integrating… Read More »

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Specifically, the coverage rate of the unemployment protection system for the month of February was 61%, which represents an increase of 2.72 percentage points over the previous month. The high number of applications processed was 558,884, 7.3% more than in the same month of 2018. By economic sectors of origin, registered unemployment has declined in Industry by 4,000… Read More »

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In a still photo, last month offers a very uneven panorama among the Spanish provinces. The vast majority managed to increase the number of employed people compared to February, but to a much lesser extent than a year ago. This economic slowdown has been particularly severe in five provinces, which have been unable to take advantage of March’s… Read More »

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Amor has also highlighted, as regards the group of freelancers, that “growth is cooling” and does not hesitate to speak of “deceleration” in affiliation: it only grows in 14,425 self-employed workers in March, “the worst data since 2013”, underlined the head of ATA. The increase in 14,425 people in the number of freelancers during the month of March,… Read More »

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The Tax Agency will also take advantage of the flow of information that has been accessed through the automatic exchange of information on Spanish accounts abroad with 51 countries (Common Reporting Standard) and other procedures to send 2.17 million messages to taxpayers. they know that they have incomes in other countries: an important rebound against the 1.8 million… Read More »

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Hacienda has already started the Rent Campaign of 2018, which began this morning and will last until July 1. Almost a million and a half taxpayers have already requested their tax data, available from March 15, in a campaign that will for the first time pulverize the barrier of twenty million respondents and increase returns due to the… Read More »

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It would also happen if they had been considered as a deductible expense in rental income or economic activities. Contributions to political parties give the right to a deduction of 20% of the membership fees. The maximum base for this deduction will be 600 euros per year and will be constituted by the membership fees and contributions provided… Read More »