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Printable Letter Q

There are episodes of her stay in the concentration camps that Annette has trouble telling. As when he remembers that among his tasks was sometimes to remove corpses from the barracks. “At the bottom when you were going to pick them up you saw how the rats -she shows with both hands their enormous size- they tried to… Read More »

Printable Letter P

One day one of the camp guards asked who wanted to work, and Annette did not think about it: “I want to work,” she said. Although her captive companions feared for what might happen to her. «To die we are going to die, I thought. When the airplanes passed, we shouted: kill us, throw bombs ». From that… Read More »

Printable Letter O

Cabelli is a living testimony of the barbarism of the human being towards another human being. He has it tattooed on his skin, on his left wrist, where he can read the number 4065. And he blames it “on religion”, without pointing to any in particular. She suffered when she was only 17 years old, when she was… Read More »

Printable Letter N

Labor MP Fiona Onasanya will maintain her salary during the three months in prison to which she was sentenced. She is the first active parliamentarian to have been imprisoned in the last 30 years and the controversy has arisen because he will continue to receive his salary financed by taxpayers behind bars, while Parliament has no power to… Read More »

Printable Letter M

With Matteo Salvini at the helm of the Interior Ministry, the Italian government decided to close the ports to refugees and migrants rescued from the coasts of Libya by NGOs and merchant ships, in what became the Search and Rescue Region. of Libya (SRR). Thus, the Libyan Coast Guard intensified its operations with the result that 85% of… Read More »

Printable Letter L

Some of these 60 million are destined to the formation of the Palestinian security forces, in which both the United States and the Israeli army and the Shin Bet take part, and the current security agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel would be weakened. The problems pile up at the table of a Palestinian president who On… Read More »

Printable Letter K

For that reason, the Government of Colombia requested on Wednesday the “immediate release” of Leonardo Muñoz, who until recently was considered as disappeared. Paddock was a retired employee of the Post Office, who had also engaged in accounting and real estate investment. He lived in Mesquite, a sleepy town east of Las Vegas, a retreat for retirees like… Read More »

Printable Letter J

This mechanism known as “backstop” is the main obstacle for the British. Printable Letter J warns that rejecting “does not make the problem” created by Brexit on the Irish border disappear. It has been almost a year and a half since Stephen Paddock shot thousands of people who enjoyed a country music festival in Las Vegas. Bet in a… Read More »

Printable Letter I

Hours earlier, the European Commission had approved an additional package of emergency measures, “given the increased chances of a Brexit occurring without an agreement”. The new measures refer to the continuity of the students of the Erasmus + program in the United Kingdom during the remainder of the course, the cooperation in security matters and the budgetary elements… Read More »

Printable Letter H

The dilemma for Judge Bailey yesterday was to remove Collins from the jury or keep him in it, which is the last battle of the Ibar case. The defense seeks the first, because the jury’s repentance indicates that it will defend the less harsh punishment, the life sentence. “The prosecution is doing everything possible to remove him, because… Read More »