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Pablo Ibar stays in hell. It was decided this Saturday at 10.30 in the morning by a jury of twelve people in the courts of Fort Lauderdale (Florida). “Guilty”, “guilty”, the word cursed. The verdict was brought by the president of the jury, on paper in an envelope that kept Event Ticket Template future. It had to be a… Read More »

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According to the report, risks related to the environment will continue to dominate in 2019, and concern not only the effects of climate change in several areas, but also “the failure of governments to apply mitigating measures.” Experts urge to face the “rapid loss of biodiversity”, by 60% since 1970, and warn that the impact of climate, plus… Read More »

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As revealed by some media, among the businessmen and politicians investigated by Villarejo at the request of González are the president of the construction company, Luis del Rivero, his advisor Juan Abelló and the former head of the Economy Office of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Miguel Sebastián. This morning, former PSOE Minister Miguel Sebastián criticized “the moral and… Read More »

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“From a reputational point of view, this issue is not positive. We are following it because it has a perspective on everything criminal “, explain from the Executive of Sanchez at the same time they say that the European Central Bank (ECB)” has not transmitted any concerns to the Government on this matter. ” The revelation of illegal… Read More »

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The Government follows closely the Villarejo-BBVA case for its “criminal perspective”. The Government of Pedro Sanchez is closely following the case of the possible derivatives of the relationship between Francisco González, president of honor of BBVA and top executive of the entity from 2000 and 2018, and Annual Report Template, former police commissioner in pretrial detention accused of… Read More »

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The third includes operational measures against vessels and related elements suspected of being used for the smuggling or trafficking of human beings within the territory of the coastal states, with the consent of the corresponding state of Rio. The fact is that the mafias of human trafficking, faced with these activities, have chosen to send vessels of lesser… Read More »

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“Spain is experiencing a growth effort,” Calviño assured, to continue with its challenges and objectives for the future are in reducing public deficit and debt, in transferring the benefits of growth to citizenship and in undertaking structural reforms what the country requires In spite of everything, he has warned that this 2019 is coming convulsive. Both for the… Read More »

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The investigation focuses, in the first place, on whether the old Popular dome, headed by Ron, hid the real financial situation of the bank during the capital increase by 2,505 million euros that it did to heal in May 2016, year in which the bank ended up losing more than 3,500 million euros. In addition, the magistrate will… Read More »

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The German Marines have rescued some 22,500 people in the Mediterranean since May 2015. Welcome to the hotel of the future. A rather cold reception without receptionists or counter. With one hundred percent Chinese technology, customers register with these machines. Facial scanning is essential to approach the facilities, for example the elevator that also identifies the plant to… Read More »

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The president of the Circle of Entrepreneurs has said that medium-sized companies are “stuck” in the Government Budget for “increases in the minimum wage, contributions and taxes.” On the increase in the minimum wage, he stressed that “it is disproportionate, electoralist, populist and will not help to cut unemployment”. Jesús Prieto, president of CT Ingenieros and director of… Read More »